A unit of Matsya Educational and Rural Development Trust

Star Public School

Principal Message

It gives me great pleasure and pride to be a part of Star Public School, Khairthal family; A majority of you have been associated with this school since its inception. It is nice to greet you all! May this session 2017-18 bring in the desired fruits to each one of you. Education plays an important role in human beings. it is a system through which a child acquires knowledge, experience, skill and sound attitude. It makes an individual civilized, refined, cultural and educated. True education is the harmonious development of the physical, mental, spiritual and social bondage, the four dimensions of life for a life of dedicated service.


When the child enters a school (for some it is for the first time) he/she is moving out of the comfort zone and going to a complete new environment. The Star Public School has tried to make them feel comfortable and ‘at home’ in the school to help them to adjust to the new learning environment in a smooth manner by providing them love and care and minimizing the fear of ‘unknown’ We intend to provide you with the Calendar of events for Activities, Holidays and Assessment Dates to acquaint you with the entire schedule of the school to enable you to plan your holidays / outings and family functions without interfering with the child’s schedule. We are providing all the facilities for the all round development of the students in our campus. The school emphasis on continuous and comprehensive evaluation of a child and also provides a right platform for developing life skills in the students. Dear parents and students, we desire to produce outstanding scholars from this area whom ought to be served the nation as a good citizen. At last, I would like to welcome the management, teachers, parents and students of this progressive organization for this session 2017-18.